The Origins and Capabilities of USB Power Delivery Technology



Learn about USB Power Delivery, a version of USB that allows up to 100W to be passed in either direction, along with current USB Type-C cables, connectors, and battery charging applications in a featured white paper by Renesas Electronics. 

The white paper also discusses the origins of the USB specification and industry standard, as well as its impact on the ways designers power devices today, from power-hungry laptops and monitors to cellphones. 

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White paper Overview 

  1. Discover the full range of capabilities and advantages the USB Power Delivery technology offers for the process of connecting equipment for data transfer, power, and more. 
  2. Learn about the origins of the Universal Serial Bus concept and the ways it revolutionized power sourcing developments. 

  3. How the USB Power Delivery version benefits integrated circuit solutions and design for interfaces to control power flow. 


ISL9241EVAL1Z Board Features 

  1. Buck-boost NVDC and HPBB charger for 2-, 3-, and 4-cell Li-ion batteries.

  2. Autonomous End of Charge (EOC) option.

  3. System power monitor PSYS output.

  4. Allows trickle charging of depleted battery.

  5. Compatible with 2- to 4-cell tablets, notebooks, power banks, and any USB-C interface portable device requiring batteries.