Industry White Paper

Enabling the Next Generation of Smarter Self-navigating Robots using Hybrid ToF

April 26, 2024 by Infineon Technologies
Topics Covered
  • The Robotic Platform
  • Software - Local & Global SLAM
  • Map Accuracy Benchmarks
  • Processing Benchmarks

White Paper Overview

REAL3™ hybrid Time-of-Flight (hToF) combines a single ToF image sensor with two illumination types addressing:
• Provide precise long-distance 3D point-cloud data enabling SLAM
• Depth data with a high lateral resolution for advanced obstacle avoidance
• Accurate close-range data with high resolution to allow cliff detection
Infineon and partners developed hToF as a cost-efficient depth sensing technology for consumer products.
Particularly for consumer robotics, smaller hToF sensors help design slimmer robots than laser-distance-sensor (LDS) tower robots. This whitepaper implements hToF sensors for consumer robots, presenting excellent map accuracies achieved with open-source SLAM implementations, as well as the reduced processing resources needed.