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Fast and Easy Evaluation of GaN’s High-Frequency Capabilities

Application Note and Board Design Details

This application note explains how to set up and use the CoolGaN™ Integrated Power Stage (IPS) half-bridge evaluation board featuring Infineon’s 600V IGI60F1414A1L chipset. The board features isolated power supplies for the gate drivers along with input logic that provides adjustable dead time. Additionally, the board provides direct access to the logic inputs of the CoolGaN™ IPS chipset to drive the chipset with an external microcontroller or digital signal processor (DSP). Using an external inductor, the board can be setup for buck, boost, inverter operation, double-pulse testing or continuous pulse width modulation (PWM) operation and hard or soft-switching at power levels up to 100 W and frequencies up to 1 MHz range.

Save time with the EVAL_HB_GANIPS_G1 evaluation board. You can easily evaluate the high-frequency capabilities of GaN in multiple topologies. Get exclusive access to this powerful solution and start your first CoolGaN™ half-bridge design.

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For more information about Infineon’s GaN technology click HERE, and to find out more about CoolGaN™ IPS click HERE.

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