Industry White Paper

Fast DC EV Charging: Common Topologies and Power Devices Used in the System

August 10, 2022 by Avnet
Topics Covered
  • Role of DC Fast charging
  • Active Rectification
  • DC−DC Topologies
  • Full−Bridge LLC Resonant

White Paper Overview

Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology is revolutionizing the way power applications are being designed with higher efficiencies and frequencies as well as lower switching losses and reduced board space compared to traditional MOSFETs and diodes. We’ve teamed up with onsemi to compile a toolkit of over ten resources that will help you discover the right power switching solution for your application.

The role of DC Fast charging (DCFC) is clear in removing barriers to EV adoption. The need for shorter charging times has resulted in higher power EV fast charging approaches 400 kW entering the market. In this paper by onsemi, read an overview of typical power converter topologies and power devices for the AC−DC and the DC−DC used in fast DC EV charging.