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Fast validation of EMC test sites above 1 GHz with time-domain SVSWR Method

January 25, 2021 by Rohde & Schwarz Download PDF

Whitepaper Overview

Two methods for performing radiated emission measurements at EMC test sites for a 1GHz and 18GHz frequency range includes the SVSWR method in line with CISPR 16-1-4 and the time-domain SVSWR (TD SVSWR) method in line with ANSI C63.25. 

The CISPR method varies the distance between two antennas six times to change the phase relationship between the direct antenna response and the reflections. However, the ANSI time-domain method works without the need to move the antennas. Instead, it uses a vector network antenna and a time-domain transformation of the frequency domain data.

This white paper by Rohde & Schwarz discusses how to utilize the R&S®ZNB vector network analyzer and R&S®HF907 double-ridged waveguide horn antenna to achieve fast and accurate time-domain measurements in line with ANSI C63.25. 

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