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How 650V SiC MOSFETs Reinvigorate Battery Charger Power Designs

August 01, 2020 by Wolfspeed Download PDF


Power systems in electric vehicles (EVs), on-board and off-board battery chargers, and other energy storage systems are demanding greater energy efficiency to pack more power into the same form factors. Here, silicon carbide (SiC) devices optimize power system designs in a way that enables designers to maximize power density, reduce size and weight, and hit the new energy-efficiency standards all at the same time.

Today’s traditional power factor correction (PFC) circuits can’t get the required efficiency with silicon-based solutions without adding more components and raising design complexity. On the other hand, switching to SiC MOSFETs allows power system designers to meet and exceed the most stringent power-efficiency requirements.

In this white paper by Wolfspeed, explore how switching to SiC MOSFETs allows power system designers to significantly boost power density, lower switching losses, and improve thermal management in OBCs for electric vehicles.

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