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How a High-Resolution D/A Converter Can Help Capture the Sound Quality of a Symphony Orchestra

June 22, 2021 by ROHM Semiconductor

White Paper Overview

Since the invention of the phonograph, musicians and engineers alike have combined their talents in order to capture the dynamic range of musical instruments and translate them seamlessly into a format to be recorded and replayed. This, however, comes with major challenges (even in the 21st century) where optimizing digital signal quality parameters such as sampling rate, resolution, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), and total harmonic distortion plus noise (THD + N) requires close attention in all stages of production from circuit design to wafer fabrication and packaging.

This whitepaper dives into the qualities and features of ROHM's latest musical IC ― the MUSIC™ BD34301EKV, a high-resolution audio digital-to-analog converter (DAC). This component, along with an array of others (including a high-fidelity power supply and sound processor), offers the basic building blocks of a Hi-Fi audio device.

If you want to learn more about ROHM's new BD34301EKV click HERE.

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    ideainnova June 27, 2021

    dac-adc? none of speakers are phase correct, no 3-4 way spk can give impact, no amp, output device and no supply has such dynamic feed. if you need to reproduce orchestra, try thinking multy way speakers, each way matches the sound source. Try removing studio eqipments first, it is even funny that at highend audio there is no eq where freq response is marketing tool. I have never seen phase correcting eq yet. Buy a contrbass, cello, etc and play all with your family orchestra. High resolution? you hear about up to 13-14khz. The resolution and detail you perceive is just half of whole you are able to extract from record yet. Eye is 3x more dynamic than a smartphone.  Tiny mic, tiny ear spk, thinking everything as ideal point device may help, but your dream will have you reproduce the orchestra you experienced yesterday. İ am extracting probably %70 just from a song in an album by phase amplitude finetune and rest are again at %40 with standard highend audio.

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