Industry White Paper

Implementing Automotive Platforms for New Architectures and the SDV Lifecycle put OEMs on the Path to Transformation

July 12, 2023 by NXP Semiconductors
Topics Covered
  • The Next Frontier: Unlocking the System of Systems
  • Future Success Hinges on Platform Re-Evaluation
  • Supply Chain Shifting Ecosystem Dynamics
  • New Solutions for Next-Gen SDV

White Paper Overview

The automotive industry is evolving rapidly as it goes through a digital transformation. Automotive differentiation is no longer driven by "gears and grease." The new battleground in this industry is defined by offering new user experiences and continual improvements, enabled by software. This software-defined functionality is recasting customer relationships and value distribution to be increasingly defined by ongoing, interactions, powered by post-production content and services. To this end, the technologies automotive companies connectivity for vehicle enhancements throughout their lifetime. In fact, many automotive companies are investing system and electrical engineering architectures to domain and zonal architectures to support scalability and lifetime updates. The only way for automakers to evolve and keep pace with both new and old competition is to embrace the software-defined vehicle (SDV) and re-evaluate their incumbent solution stack accordingly. Read this white paper by VDC Research and NXP to explore the movement toward the software-defined vehicle.