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Infineon’s Innovative Smart Entrance Counter Solution Offers Privacy and Safety with High Reliability

October 21, 2020 by Infineon Technologies Download PDF

Whitepaper Overview

Automated People Counting systems, which count people coming into or going out of an area, have become increasingly important in 2020, due to the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. While these systems were already integral to a range of high-tech solutions in areas such as retail analytics, queue management, and space utilization, they have become increasingly critical for businesses that must implement social distancing measures if they are to continue to operate. Although many different types of counting systems exist today, it remains challenging to get a cost-effective and accurate count of the number of people in a given area.

In this whitepaper from Infineon, discover the different technologies behind current people counting systems, along with their respective advantages and disadvantages. A number of typical entry and exit scenarios are defined which illustrate the challenges faced by people counting systems and how various systems on the market address these challenges.

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