Industry White Paper

Innovative Processor-in-Memory DRAM requires innovative power integrity analysis

May 04, 2022 by Siemens Digital Industries Software
Topics Covered
  • Case background
  • The PIM-DRAM process
  • Power integrity analysis

White Paper Overview


How did UPMEM’s PIM-DRAM design secure fast, accurate power analysis from floorplanning through tapeout?

UPMEM’s innovative Processor-in-Memory PIM-DRAM module offers the IC industry potentially significant savings in both resource and operating costs. However, to realize market success, UPMEM had to ensure that their new module could effectively handle the power and reliability requirements the market would demand. The ability to rigorously and easily analyze both analog and digital implementations using the mPower integrated power analysis process provided UPMEM with the confidence that their new PIM-DRAM module would deliver the power, performance, and reliability as designed.

Key benefits include:

  • Unlimited scalability for analog and digital power integrity analysis of today’s complex systems
  • Static and dynamic analysis of the largest analog IC systems
  • Vectored, vectorless, and in-rush digital analysis using industry-standard formats with low per-machine memory requirements
  • Scalable quad-view GUI for both analog and digital designs enabling faster debug and analysis

In this white paper by Siemens, learn how the mPower power integrity solution offered the performance and scalability needed to analyze the power implementation from floorplanning through tapeout using both dynamic and static analysis.

Learn more about how mPower can help enable high-confidence power analysis tape-outs for all technologies and across all design types.