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Smart Healthcare Beacons Case Study: Bluetooth® 5 certified RSL10 System-in-Package (RSL10 SIP) and Intelligent Locations

May 07, 2021 by onsemi Download PDF

Case Study Overview

Most hospitals are now chronically crowded and healthcare workers are overburdened. Tracking medical equipment like portable patient monitors and infusion pumps as well as non-medical equipment like wheelchairs or portable beds when patients come and go is a major challenge. Intelligent Locations offers healthcare organizations an Internet of Things (IoT) solution providing advanced monitoring of assets, people, and processes with data insights. The solution solves those vexing problems, enabling healthcare workers to save lives.

Intelligent Locations employs quarter-sized Bluetooth Low Energy enabled beacons tracked by gateway devices tagged to assets, including patients and portable medical equipment. Their cloud-based platform offers tracking maps, analytics, and key performance indicators via HIPAA-complaint mobile app and web-based interfaces. 

This case study provides a detailed look at how the RSL10 Bluetooth Low Energy enabled MCU improved RF power and battery performance in a small form factor. It also describes how the ON Semiconductor RSL10 solution more than doubled battery life to a minimum of five years in deployment in the Intelligent Locations application.

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