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Introducing mPower: Scaleable power integrity verification for analog, digital, and 3D ICs

White Paper Overview

Power integrity analysis evaluates circuits to determine if they will provide their designed/intended performance and reliability as implemented. As a designer, you must be able to verify analog and digital power integrity from the RTL/gate level through die-level integrations up to the package and board system-level. In this white paper by Siemens, learn how this mPower toolset is an innovative automated power integrity verification solution that brings analog and digital EM, IR drop, and power analysis together in a complete, scalable solution that is easy to use and to integrate into existing design and verification flows. 

Benefits include:

  • Unlimited scalability for analog and digital analysis of complex systems
  • Easily integrated with design and verification tools and flows
  • Quad-view GUI supports mPower invocation and fast, easy analysis and debugging
  • Fast, scalable dynamic analysis for analog layouts, from the smallest blocks to the largest analog circuits and full-chip designs

Learn more about how mPower can help enable high-confidence power analysis tape-outs for all technologies and across all design types.

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