Industry White Paper

ISOPLUS – SMPD: An Advanced Isolated Packaging to Fully Exploit the Advantages of SiC MOSFETs

April 01, 2024 by Littelfuse, Inc
Topics Covered
  • Performance Advantages of SiC-based SMPD Compared to Standard Discretes
  • Advantages of Using SiC-MOSFET-based SMPD in Applications
  • Thermal Performance Comparison between SiC-based SMPD and Standard Discretes
  • Increasing Application Power Output with SMPD
  • System-level Cost Saving Opportunity by using SMPD

White Paper Overview 

This white paper compares the dynamic performance of the SMPD versus standard discrete packaging. It especially highlights the advantages of the SMPD in combination with Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET. Thermal measurements comparing SMPDs with different ceramics with a standard TO-247 package show that SMPDs are the ideal choice to minimize chip junction temperatures and junction-heatsink thermal resistances. The better thermal performance of the SMPD supports an increase of the power output in applications for a given chip rating and unlocks system-level cost savings.