Industry White Paper

Key Requirements and Recommendations for 5G Telecom SMPS

August 01, 2022 by Infineon Technologies
Topics Covered
  • Design and technology trends in 5G
  • Telecom 5G key requirements
  • High efficiency, high power density solution
  • Outdoor/fanless SMPS operation

White Paper Overview

The deployment of 5G networks is accelerating, and with it comes a whole new set of challenges for telecom SMPS manufacturers. Are you prepared? Telecom SMPS manufacturers need to act now to ensure they can keep up with the power demands of 5G networks. This whitepaper gives you an overview of the main trends and solutions addressing the high-speed mobile network telecom infrastructure, focusing on modern telecom SMPS. We discuss in particular the benefits of using SiC MOSFET technology that enables the creation of the perfect solution combining

  • high performance
  • reliability
  • cost-effectiveness

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