Industry White Paper

Looking for the Right AC/DC Supply in High-Reliable Industrial Applications

May 30, 2023 by P-Duke Power
Topics Covered
  • AC/DC power supplies in industrial automation
  • Safety qualifications
  • Electromagnetic compliance
  • Protection features

White Paper Overview

The electronic devices within factory automation applications are often subject to some of the most stringent standards in order to comply with various functional safety requirements. To ensure the safety of the operator and the surrounding environment, as well as the smooth operations of the facility, all devices within these systems are scrutinized. Many off-the-shelf AC/DC power supplies may not be sufficient as they may not have adequate protection from overvoltage transients, noise from external systems, and other protection mechanisms in place to ensure the reliable operation of the component.

Power supplies within these applications must also be rugged to withstand common environmental and mechanical stressors such as vibration and shock. The ambient temperature could negatively impact the device’s performance, so steps must also be taken to prevent premature failures due to high/low temperatures and variable relative humidity. This article dives into the various factors to consider when selecting a power supply for high-reliable industrial and robotics applications and how P-Duke’s TBF500 500W full brick AC/DC power supplies are designed for these rugged environments.