Industry White Paper

Performance Comparison of 1200 V SiC MOSFET and Si IGBT Used in Power Integrated Module for 1100 V Solar Boost Stage

August 10, 2022 by Avnet
Topics Covered
  • Conduction and Switching Loss
  • Loss Simulation Results
  • Benefits of SiC MOSFET

Application Note Overview

Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology is revolutionizing the way power applications are being designed with higher efficiencies and frequencies as well as lower switching losses and reduced board space compared to traditional MOSFETs and diodes. We’ve teamed up with onsemi to compile a toolkit of over ten resources that will help you discover the right power switching solution for your application.

In this application note by onsemi, learn about gate driver and PCB layout topics which must be considered when using fast switching devices like SiC MOSFETs. For the design of a solar inverter, the critical operating conditions include:

  • maximum solar panel input current
  • inverter dc bus voltage
  • dc inductor ripple
  • budget of cooling system (forced air or convection cooling)