Industry White Paper

Raspberry Pi Solutions

April 22, 2024 by Farnell
Topics Covered
  • Comparison of Raspberry Pi Cameras
  • Taking Photos & Videos
  • Raspberry Pi Camera Projects
  • Computer Vision

eBook Overview

Engineers working on systems built using Internet of Things (IoT) technologies now have access to a huge range of sensor options. The available modalities have moved well beyond temperature and pressure to encompass sensors that can act as the eyes, ears and nose of the IoT.

Thanks to the connectivity made possible by the IoT, engineers no longer need to incorporate all of these sensors into their equipment. Open IoT protocols make it possible to exchange data with sensors distributed around a network that are built into other devices as long as the systems that communicate with them have the right credentials. In turn, advanced sensor-fusion techniques provide the tools for the inputs from many different types of input to be incorporated into a single smart model.

This white paper describes the choices available to engineering teams and the things to consider when selecting and integrating sensors into their IoT-driven systems and applications.

  • Key trends in sensor development
  • Focus on low power consumption
  • Ability to connect sensors using wireless networks
  • Inclusion of security protections
  • Data-fusion techniques to provide better analyses