Industry White Paper

Redefining Mission Profiles: NXP’s Approach to Automotive and Non-Automotive Applications

September 27, 2023 by NXP Semiconductors
Topics Covered
  • Quality is Never an Accident
  • Qualification Standard Evolution and the Need for Extended Mission Profiles
  • Why Is the Automotive Industry Struggling with EMPs?
  • NXPs Solution to Support EMPs

White Paper Overview


The term “mission profile” refers to a description of the loads and stresses a system and its component parts are expected to experience during usage. In the case of automobiles, existing standards are largely based on mission profiles that were established decades ago. Mainly driven by ongoing electrification and assisted driving use cases, today’s automotive industry—and other industries—need to address the requirements of extended (long duration) mission profiles. NXP has launched a corporate initiative to define a methodology to assess and validate extended mission profiles for its products. 

Download this whitepaper from NXP to learn about:

   • Qualification standard evolution and the need for extended mission profiles

   • Why Is the Automotive Industry Struggling with EMPs?

   • NXP’s Motivation to Support EMPs

   • NXPs Solution to Support EMPs and more