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Reliable, Stable Programmable Power Drives Advanced Semiconductor Equipment

September 28, 2021 by AMETEK Programmable Power Download PDF

White Paper Overview

Semiconductor availability is running at a frightening shortage, but demand for the equipment to support production is at an all-time high with many manufacturers planning to expand their capacity. Programmable power supplies will serve a key role in the new semiconductor manufacturing equipment coming online in the months ahead, spanning frontend ion implantation machines to backend burn-in and test systems.

This white paper provides information on how Ion implantation can be used for semiconductor doping. This is where ions of the desired doping element (such as boron for p-type semiconductors or phosphorus for n-type semiconductors) are accelerated into the material to be implanted (silicon, for example). Ion implantation equipment can make use of programmable power supplies inside of a closed-loop system, in which the system adjusts a power supply’s output voltage in response to certain ion-implantation process measurements.

This resource also describes the purpose of water-cooled programmable power supplies that are unaffected by airborne contaminants and how they offer the added benefit of higher power density compared with air-cooled units.

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