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Solutions For Wrist-Worn Devices That Enable Secure Data Transmission and High Use Experience

August 27, 2021 by Infineon Technologies Download PDF

Application Brochure Overview

Nowadays, wearables technology is making the leap from activity trackers to holistic full-body monitoring devices which consist of an array of advanced biometric sensors. Sensor accuracy is of great importance for wearables and health companions. As manufacturers aim to provide more and more actionable data in health and fitness tracking for consumers, there is a strong trend to improve sensor accuracy and provide completely new vital sign monitoring sensors.

Advanced health monitoring such as blood pressure, body temperature, blood glucose, and other complex vital signs are required due to the growing consumer interest in personal healthcare. Moreover, the collected health data must be kept private and be treated very cautiously. This means data security and privacy need to be considered as crucial elements. Low power consumption of components is also essential to enable the extension of battery life. 

This application brochure provides a detailed look at the design challenges that accompany smartwatches, sports watches, wristbands, and medical wrist-worn devices. This resource also discusses how to address and solve issues like data security, sensor accuracy, connectivity, and device protection.

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