Industry White Paper

Supercapacitors Ensure Reliable Power Delivery in Automotive Applications

April 23, 2021 by TAIYO YUDEN

White Paper Overview

Road rage, distracted driving, speeding, adverse weather conditions, and drunk driving are a few of the leading causes of car accidents every year. According to US governmental research, one motor-related injury occurs every ten seconds in the United States. Data from the NHTSA also suggests that 10 million or more road accidents go unreported each year. Consequently, road safety is of utmost concern to authorities across the world.

One way to promote better driving habits and overall road safety is the use of dashboard cameras and drive recorders. This white paper examines the rising popularity of such devices and how supercapacitors offer more reliability than batteries for road safety. This resource also provides a detailed look at TAIYO YUDEN's energy storage solutions.