Industry White Paper

The Changing Face of Industrial Drives

November 03, 2020 by Infineon Technologies Download PDF

Whitepaper Overview

Electric motors have shaped the world, and continue to do so at all levels. They range from small motors that automate simple household functions to heavy-duty motors that can, quite literally, move mountains. The number and variety of electric motors now being used is phenomenal, so perhaps it is not surprising to learn that motors and their control systems account for almost half of all the electricity consumed worldwide.

Breaking that down further, around 30% of the electricity generated globally is used for driving motors in industrial applications. In absolute terms, the amount of energy consumed by the world’s industrial sector is expected to double by 2040. With an increased awareness of the cost of energy and of limited resources, both in environmental and financial terms, the need for greater efficiency in the use of electricity to drive motors has become more prominent.

In this white paper, learn how power semiconductors are the key component for motor inverters.

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