Industry White Paper

The Dawn of a Smarter Era: Unveiling the Power and Potential of Smart Connectors

June 26, 2023 by SCHURTER
Topics Covered
  • What's it all about?
  • Usage requirements
  • Potential services
  • Customized solutions

White Paper Overview

Explore the world’s first power entry module to combine intelligence with a standard IEC 60320 C14 inlet to perform a basic power entry function while providing extended WLAN functionality for monitoring and process visualization. With the launch of SCHURTER’s Smart Connectors comes a comprehensive cloud-based Smart Ecosystem, which offers a range of services, including API, to cater to different needs. The Smart Connector App includes a basic software package with each unit, while four additional software packages provide extended functionality. Explore these revolutionary products and their impact on enhancing connectivity, improving efficiency, and enriching the user experience.