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Topologies in On-Board Charging: Semiconductor Recommendations for Reliable Charging Solutions

Whitepaper Overview 

As electric vehicles grow in popularity, so does the demand for highly reliable and long-lasting battery performance. On-board chargers (OBCs) are an essential system for plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles, and the attractiveness of electro-mobility stands and falls by the batteries. Advancements in semiconductor technologies are required to achieve higher efficiencies and top performance, making electric vehicles a convenient and eco-friendly alternative for traditional means of transportation. Battery performance and durability are also highly dependent on charging technologies and methods.

In this whitepaper from Infineon Technologies, learn about the system architecture and possible topologies for on-board charging, as well as the recommendations for the right choice of power semiconductors for OBCs. This whitepaper will take a more in-depth look into onboard charging, discuss the system architecture, and elaborate on the possible topologies for the PFC and the DC-DC stages.

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