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Veloce Delivers Best of ICE and Virtual Emulation to the SSD Storage Market

White Paper Overview

The rise of SSD use, the decline of hard disk drive (HDD) use, and the merger and acquisition frenzy in the industry amplifies the need for a state-of-the-art emulation platform. Emulation can verify the hundreds of millions of gates and multiple protocols now seen in SSD controllers along with the complex software that drives them.

Also, emulation can verify the RTL IP and the software specific to a particular SSD controller together. Veloce® provides both in-circuit emulation (ICE) components (iSolve) and virtual models (VirtuaLAB) to verify a design using the chosen host interface. Veloce also provides all the NAND and DDR models used in conjunction with the SSD controller and software.  

This paper discusses the changes in storage technology and why SSD design teams need a complementary tool kit using ICE, the Veloce Deterministic ICE App, and VirtuaLAB.

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