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Veloce ProFPGA Increases Design Efficiency and Brings SoCs to Market Faster

White Paper Overview 

Electronic systems of all sizes are routinely being integrated into single integrated circuits (ICs). While the largest systems-on-chip (SoC) make headlines, there are numerous small and medium SoCs that must be implemented quickly and efficiently. Verification of these designs must include hardware, low-level software (operating systems and drivers), and application software.

This verification requires three coordinated approaches. The Veloce™ family of verification tools includes the Veloce Strato emulation platform and the Veloce Primo enterprise prototyping platform, which focus primarily on the verification of hardware and its interface to low-level software infrastructure. These constitute two out of the three necessary verification vehicles.

In this white paper, the Siemens EDA tool provides a modular, scalable desktop prototyping platform for early software development. 

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