Industry White Paper

Veloce ProFPGA Increases Design Efficiency and Brings SoCs to Market Faster

March 11, 2022 by Siemens Digital Industries Software
Topics Covered
  • What application software developers need
  • An advance in prototyping tools
  • Prototyping on FPGAs
  • The verification triangle

White Paper Overview 

Electronic systems of all sizes are routinely being integrated into single integrated circuits (ICs). While the largest systems-on-chip (SoC) make headlines, there are numerous small and medium SoCs that must be implemented quickly and efficiently. Verification of these designs must include hardware, low-level software (operating systems and drivers), and application software.

This verification requires three coordinated approaches. The Veloce™ family of verification tools includes the Veloce Strato emulation platform and the Veloce Primo enterprise prototyping platform, which focus primarily on the verification of hardware and its interface to low-level software infrastructure. These constitute two out of the three necessary verification vehicles.

In this white paper, the Siemens EDA tool provides a modular, scalable desktop prototyping platform for early software development.