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WBG Switches in Motor Drive Systems

Investigating the impact of high-frequency switching wide bandgap-based inverters on motor drive losses

White Paper Overview

Read this exclusive whitepaper uncovering the secrets behind maximizing efficiency and minimizing switching losses in pulse width modulation (PWM) controlled motors. Infineon's groundbreaking research combines cutting-edge simulations and real-world measurements to explore the potential impact of wide bandgap devices (SiC MOSFETs and GaN HEMTs) on motor drive inverters.
In this whitepaper, we delve into emerging trends, possibilities, and challenges for implementing these advanced technologies. Discover how higher switching frequencies of up to 50KHz can revolutionize motor drive systems, significantly boosting efficiency. Gain valuable insights into the significance of different device parameters and their performance in typical motor applications.

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Key take-aways for readers:

• Wide bandgap devices offer the advantage of higher switching frequencies, enhancing overall system efficiency in motor drive systems compared to traditional silicon devices.

• The selection of the appropriate switching frequency is crucial due to trade-offs between inverter and motor losses.

• Further analysis is necessary to understand the impact of high switching frequencies on the lifetime of motor bearings and windings.

• WBG devices also hold the potential to introduce new motor driver topologies to meet future efficiency requirements, and may help mitigate challenges associated with higher switching frequencies in motor designs (such as wear and tear on bearings and windings).

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