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Why MEMS Accelerometers Are Becoming the Designer’s Best Choice for CbM Applications

August 31, 2021 by Analog Devices Download PDF

White Paper Overview

The global condition-based monitoring (CbM) market has experienced significant growth over the past few years, and it will likely only continue to grow in the near future. This growth coincides with the rapid advancement of MEMS accelerometers for use in vibration sensing applications, now rivaling the once-dominant piezoelectric (or PZT) accelerometer. 

This article from Analog Devices will compare MEMS accelerometers to piezoelectric accelerometers to highlight how far MEMS sensors have come in their short lifetime. Key design considerations for MEMS accelerometers in CbM applications will also be discussed with a comparison of five MEMS sensors from three different vendors.

Learn More About:

  • The Current State of the Art in Vibration Sensing—MEMS vs. Piezoelectric
  • Design Considerations for MEMS Accelerometers in CbM Applications
  • Solutions for Mechanically Attaching MEMS Sensors to Machines
  • The CbM Development Platform

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