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With intelligence Comes Power: How Power Over Ethernet is Enabling Smarter Buildings

August 26, 2021 by Infineon Technologies Download PDF

White Paper Overview

For years, the various domains of building management were handled as disparate systems, with suppliers attaining recognition for their skill in areas such as fire and life safety, security and alarms, energy management, and HVAC and sanitation. However, like in many other industry segments, the room to achieve further efficiencies reaches its limits when each segment is handled separately.

With the introduction of Power over Ethernet (PoE), suddenly the challenges for both installation, reconfiguration, and operation of the complete building management system become much simpler. A PoE switch can be installed capable of powering multiple devices simultaneously, while those devices, whether IP phones, 5G pico-cells, Wi-Fi access points, or luminaires, can simply be attached via conventional Ethernet cables to the switch, both at initial installation, or later reconfiguration of the office space.

This white paper from Infineon Technologies discusses how PoE is enabling smarter buildings, the selection process for an optimum approach for the PSE SMPS, options for a standard PD-side SMPS, and the application-specific PoE needs in regards to powering LED lighting.

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