Industry White Paper

XENSIV™ KP46x Digital Barometric Air Pressure Sensor Family

July 10, 2023 by Infineon Technologies
Topics Covered
  • A typical seat comfort application example using KP466 family
  • Modern pneumatic seat using Infineon XENSIV™ BAP sensors
  • XENSIV™ BAP sensors KP466 family for seat comfort applications product portfolio
  • XENSIV™ BAP sensors KP46x for engine management product portfolio

Presentation Overview

With the next generation of the KP466 BAP sensor, Infineon enables seat manufacturers to realize innovative pneumatic seat systems with many additional functions that are particularly comfortable and offer clear technical advantages. For example, the multi-contour seat function allows vehicle occupants to adapt the contour of the seat to their individual needs. Air cells integrated into the lumbar support and seat cushion allow the seat to adapt to the body. Massage functions further enhance the passenger comfort on long journeys by alternately inflating and deflating the air cells. The driving dynamics function automatically adjusts the seat’s side bolsters to the current driving situation, ensuring optimum stability for occupants, even when cornering.