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3M PCIe Extender and Jumper Cable Assemblies

3M PCIe extender and jumper cable assemblies are based on 3M’s Twin Axial cable, providing designers a dense, flexible, low-loss solution for relocating PCIe cards or bridging connections in applications such as enterprise computing and medical imaging. The assemblies offer superior routability and minimal airflow obstruction, as the Twin Axial cable is flat, foldable, and flexible without impacting performance. While conventional methods can introduce high signal losses, limited relocation, and the need for costly retimers, 3M’s PCIe cable assemblies are available in lengths up to 500 millimeters and may support speeds beyond PCIe Gen 3’s 8 gigabits per second without any retiming. These assemblies can also be used in place of long PCB routing, which saves cost by reducing PCB layer count and allowing for low-cost FR4 instead of expensive, low-loss laminates. 3M’s PCIe cable assemblies are available in by 4, by 8, and by 16 configurations.

  • Extender and jumper assemblies
  • Utilizing 3M Twin Axial Cable technology: highly-routable, foldable, flexible
  • Extremely low loss, excellent signal integrity
  • 250 mm, 500 mm lengths
  • PCIe 2.0 and 3.0, 8+ Gbps
  • x4, x8 and x16 configurations

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