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AD4134 Alias Free 1.5Msps Quad-Channel Analog-to-Digital Converters | Featured Product Spotlight

July 25, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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AD4134 Alias Free 1.5Msps Quad-Channel Analog-to-Digital Converters

Analog Devices’ AD4134 is an Alias Free quad channel, low noise, simultaneous sampling, precision analog-to-digital converter that delivers on functionality, performance, and ease of use.

Based on the continuous time sigma-delta modulation scheme, the AD4134 removes the traditionally required switched capacitor circuitry sampling preceding the delta-sigma modulator. This leads to a relaxation of the ADC input driving requirement. The CTSD architecture also inherently rejects signals around the ADC aliasing frequency band and removes the need for a complex external antialiasing filter.

The AD4134 has four independent converter channels in parallel, each with a CTSD modulator and a digital decimation and filtering path. The AD4134 enables simultaneous sampling of four separate signal sources, each supporting a maximum input bandwidth of 391.5 kHz and achieving tight phase matching between these four signal measurements.

The signal chain simplification of the AD4134 improves the system level performance through the reduction of noise, error, mismatch, and distortion that is normally introduced by the analog front-end circuitry.

An integrated asynchronous sample rate converter allows the AD4134 to precisely control the decimation ratio and, in turn, the output data rate using interpolation and resampling techniques. 

The ADC data is then further processed by one of the AD4134 user-selectable digital filter profiles to further reject the out-of-band signals and noise.

The excellent DC and AC performance, as well as wide bandwidth of each ADC channel, makes this device an ideal candidate for universal precision data acquisition solutions supporting a breadth of sensor types, from temperature and pressure to vibration and shock.

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