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ADI Analog Devices Wide Voltage Gain Selectable Amplifier | New Product Brief

August 22, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

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ADI Analog Devices Wide Voltage Gain Selectable Amplifier

Analog Devices LT1997 Wide Voltage, Gain Selectable Amplifiers combine a precision operational amplifier with highly-matched resistors.

The on-chip resistor network allows for pin-configurable gain settings up to 80 volts per volt, with a very low gain error. The tight matching of the resistors results in a very high input common-mode rejection ratio, with CMRR up to 109dB.

LT1997 amplifiers have a common-mode input range as wide as ±255 volts for robust operation in demanding applications. They also offer the flexibility of a supply voltage ranging from 3.3 to 50 volts, drawing just 350 microamps of current while active and 20 microamps in shutdown mode.

The integrated solution is packaged in small MSOP and DFN packages to minimize the design footprint and is ideal for current sensing, voltage level translation, industrial data acquisition, and other applications.

  • Configurable gain up to 80V/V
    • Gain Error: as low as 60ppm
    • Low drift and nonlinearity
  • Minimum CMRR: up to 109dB
  • Input common-mode voltage range up to ±255V
  • Supply voltage: 3.3V to 50V
    • Active current: 350µA
    • Shutdown current: 20µA
  • Space-Saving MSOP and DFN Packages

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