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ADI LTC6363 Differential Amplifiers 

Analog Devices LTC6363 family of high-precision, low-power differential amplifiers have rail-to-rail outputs with linearity and noise optimized to drive high-resolution SAR ADCs.  

LTC6363 amplifiers are available in variants with the gain set by external resistors or with fixed gain using precision laser-trimmed on-chip resistors. The devices have low input-referred noise, offset voltage, gain error and drift, as well as a high common mode rejection for high-precision applications.  

The amplifiers have a typical active current consumption of 1.7mA at 3V and 20µA in shutdown mode, enabling use in battery-powered applications. LTC6363 amplifiers can operate from a 2.8V to 11V supply and are available in compact MSOP and DFN packages.

  • Rail-to-rail outputs optimized to drive SAR ADCs
  • User-set gain or fixed gain options
  • Fixed gain set by precision laser-trimmed on-chip resistors
  • 2.9nV/√Hz input-referred noise
  • 45ppm maximum gain error, 0.5ppm/°C maximum gain error drift
  • 94dB minimum CMRR
  • 1.7mA active supply current (VS = 3V)
  • 20µA (VS = 3V) low power shutdown
  • 2.8V (±1.4V) to 11V (±5.5V) supply voltage
  • 8-lead MSOP
  • 2mm x 3mm 8-lead DFN

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