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Amphenol Advanced Sensors FMA Filtration Air Restriction Sensors

Amphenol’s FMA Series Filtration Air Restriction Sensors have a low profile, are maintenance-free and provide high accuracy measurement of pressure loss in automotive, industrial, and commercial air filtration devices.

The sensors have a total length of 42.1mm and are 33.7mm in diameter, offering a standard 1/8-27 NPT pressure port to make installation easy across a wide variety of filtration applications. The 3 position AMPSEAL 16 IP67-rated connector and a hydrophobic reference port allow the sensor to be used in applications where it’s exposed to harsh environments.

FMA series sensors are based on Amphenol’s high accuracy NPA piezoresistive technology. This enables ±2.5% full-scale output accuracy, and 0.12% full-scale output resolution. The sensors are available in vacuum gage and positive gauge pressure ranges from 5” to 40” of water. The measurement is temperature compensated from 0°C to 80°C and can operate in temperatures from -40°C to +125°C. FMA series sensors consume 5 mA from a 5V supply and are tolerant to ±28V transients, ensuring reliability in industrial and automotive applications.

Measurements are output as a ratiometric voltage from 0.5V to 4.5V with a very fast response time under 10ms. The sensors offer integrated diagnostics for bridge connection, bridge short detection, and power loss detection and are tolerant to high vibration conditions, up to 11.5Grms at up to 2000 Hz. To learn more about Amphenol’s FMA series of Filtration Air Restriction sensors, visit


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