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Amphenol Aerospace High Power Connectors | New Product Brief

June 10, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

Discover the Amphenol Aerospace High Power Connectors, which use RADSOK contacts to deliver up to a 50% higher current carrying capability.

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Amphenol Aerospace High Power Connectors 

Amphenol Aerospace High Power Connectors use RADSOK contacts to deliver up to a 50% higher current carrying capability over standard 5015 connectors. Connectors are available with size 8 to size 0 contacts and available in three contact options.

Standard contacts are rated up to 150A, RADSOK contacts up to 250A with low contact resistance, increased durability, and operation up to 150°C. Also, they also include Temper-Grip contacts up to 220A and for use at temperatures beyond 200°C. Connectors are available with threaded or bayonet couplings, various shell styles, and both standard and proprietary plating options to address nearly any application.

Over 25 tooled insert arrangements are available, for current carrying capacity up to nearly 1000A per connector.

  • 40% to 50% increased current carrying capability over standard 5015 connector
  • RADSOK® contacts: up to 250A, recommended up to 150°C
  • Temper-grip: up to 220A, recommended for 150°C+
  • Threaded or bayonet coupling available
  • Shell styles:
    • Receptacles: wall mount, box mount, jam nut, jam nut with rear accessory threads
    • Plugs: straight, straight with rear access (PKB only), self-locking (PKT only)
  • 50A to nearly 1000A per connector possible with over 25 tooled insert arrangements

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