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AMPHENOL AEROSPACE Matrix 38999 Circular Connector | New Product Brief

January 12, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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AMPHENOL AEROSPACE Matrix 38999 Circular Connector

The Amphenol Aerospace Matrix 38999 series combines the best of both the Amphenol Matrix 5015 series and the mechanical interface of the D38999 Military connectors.

Users can upgrade their EMI performance to D38999 levels without changing your 5015 pin-outs or cable assemblies.

New technologies are available including Amphenol high current contacts, AP-93 1000 hour salt spray plating, and the new SWAMP seal to prevent ingress of corrosive fluids into the mating thread area.

The Matrix 38999 connectors are keyed to prevent improper insertion. Numerous contact termination methods are available, with various pin-outs, and temperature ratings up to 200°C.

The combination of all these features makes these connectors ideal for military, aerospace, industrial and various harsh environment applications.

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