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Amphenol RF HD-EFI Series

Amphenol RF HD-EFI Series Micro-Miniature Interface Connectors is a three-piece interconnect system for board-to-board connections with large board tolerances, blind mating, and multiple RF connections, such as wireless base station equipment, backplane designs, and complex PCB stackups. The series is designed for 50Ω systems up to 6 GHz and uses a limited detent connector on one PCB, a smooth bore connector with a large gathering cone on the other PCB, and a bullet adapter in between. This design allows for axial and radial float up to 1.4mm and a maximum float angle of 5°. The bullet adapters provide crash-proof mating and provide PCB spacing up to 16.76mm.  PCB connectors are available in through-hole, surface mount, and edge launch configurations.

  • Impedance: 50Ω
  • Frequency Range: DC to 6GHz
  • Axial Float: 1.4mm
  • Radial Float: 1.4mm
  • Maximum Float Angle: 5°
  • PCB Spacing: 12.12mm to 16.76mm

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