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Amphenol ICC HSD Connector System

Amphenol ICC’s HSD Connector System is a shielded, USCAR-2 compliant high-speed data interconnect system for use with automotive camera systems, USB, and other high-speed communication systems throughout the vehicle.

HSD connectors have a die-cast connector designed for shielded twisted quad cable to carry high-speed data.  This die-cast connector is surrounded by a plastic housing, with a high retention force between the connector and housing to prevent damage.  The plastic housing also offers up to 8 MQS power contacts.  Connectors are offered in various colors for quick, correct assembly, and the color coding effectiveness is compliant with automotive requirements.  The connectors also offer a dual locking mechanism to ensure reliable connectivity in harsh automotive applications, with 110N cable retention force with the locking latch, and 5N with the latch disengaged.  The scoop-proof design prevents contacts bending and shorting during mating, and the connectors are rated for a minimum of 25 mating cycles.

The high-speed data side of the Amphenol Commercial HSD connectors is rated for operation from DC to 2GHz with 100Ω differential impedance. It offers excellent return and insertion loss, with return loss rated at  ≥20dB and ≥17dB at 1GHz and 2GHz respectively, while insertion loss is ≤0.1dB at 1.0GHz.  The design also limits crosstalk, with near-end crosstalk ≤30dB, and far-end crosstalk ≤35dB.  The MQS power contacts provide convenient power delivery alongside the high-speed data interface, and each contact is rated for current up to 5A, with contact resistance at or below 7.5mΩ.

Besides the excellent mechanical and electrical performance, the HSD connectors are reflow solderable to support pin-in-paste processes, and they offer cable-side crimp connections for automated assembly.  The connectors are compatible with competing products and are rated for operation from -40°C to +105°C.  For more information on Amphenol ICC’s HSD Connector system, visit


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