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AMPHENOL ICC MEZZANINE M-Series™ 56 High-Speed Mezzanine BGA Connector | New Product Brief

October 05, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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AMPHENOL ICC MEZZANINE M-Series™ 56 High-Speed Mezzanine BGA Connector

Amphenol’s M-Series™ 56 High-Speed Mezzanine BGA Connector System is designed to support high-technology products in board-to-board or flex assembly architectures.

These self-aligning and self-leveling connectors have dedicated 85Ω and 92Ω designs and feature a next-generation differential pair contact design for 56 gigabit per second non-return-to-zero and 112 gigabit per second four-level pulse-amplitude modulation performance.

With a 1.6 mm column to column pitch and 4 and 5 mm stack heights, the high-density, high speed, dual-point FCI M-Series™ 56 High-Speed Mezzanine BGA Connectors are ideal for advanced data centers, deep learning, and artificial intelligence applications. 

These connectors serve any and all use cases that are upending their spaces to develop increasingly integrated designs with enhanced efficiency. This trend can be seen in switches, routers, entertainment PCs, gaming machines, car navigation systems, and medical imaging systems.

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