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Amphenol ICC Zhaga Book 20 - FLM Series | Tech Specs

October 08, 2020 by TTI, Inc

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Amphenol ICC Zhaga Book 20 - FLM Series

Amphenol ICC’s FLM series connectors were chosen as the design standard for the Zhaga Book 20, which specifies DALI interface connectors for indoor luminaires. 

The connectors have a low-profile dimple latch for secure mating and easy unmating, while a Poka Yoke design ensures proper alignment. Pin contact connectors are offered in PCB mount variants for wire-to-board applications or as wire termination housings for use with crimp contacts in wire-to-wire applications. PCB receptacles are surface mounted and offered in vertical or right-angle variants and have molded mounting pegs to aid assembly and soldering  

Sockets feature a finger-proof design and are available for use with crimp contacts or with integrated contacts that provide tool-free poke-in termination. 

  • Zhaga Book 20 compliant DALI-2 interface 
  • Low-profile dimple latch for secure mating and easy unmating 
  • Poka Yoke design ensures proper alignment 
  • LEX-MR Receptacles: PCB mount or wire termination housings for crimp contacts 
  • SMT PCB receptacles: Vertical or right-angle with SMT tails and molded mounting pegs 
  • LEX-LP Plugs: IP20 finger-proof design, crimp contacts or integrated poke-in contacts 

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