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Amphenol LTW Swift-GG Series

Amphenol LTW Swift-GG series are USB Type-C connectors designed for automotive applications and provide all the benefits of USB Type C with an IP67 rating and high vibration resistance. The Swift-GG series receptacles provide an IP67 rating even when unmated and can be mounted to panels up to 4mm thick. The receptacle has a 47mm long flex PCB that has a 44-pin, 0.8mm pitch Y-Beam connector to connect to the host application PCB. The corresponding cable assembly has one Type-C plug with a screw thread lock that achieves IP67 when mated to the Swift-GG receptacle and one standard Type-C plug. It also features a protective nylon conduit for use in harsh environments. Amphenol LTW Swift-GG series USB Type C connectors support data rates up to 10Gbps and USB Power Delivery with current up to 5A.

  • IP67 USB Type-C receptacle and cable for automotive, harsh environments
  • Receptacle: IP67 mated and unmated
  • Receptacle mount: Panel up to 4.0mm thick
  • Cable connectors: 1x IP67 Type-C (mated), 1x non-IP Type-C
  • Cable protective cover: 115°C nylon, 15.8mm outer diameter
  • Supports up to 10Gbps and 5A (cable dependent)

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