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AMPHENOL SINE SYSTEMS ecomate Aquarius™ PCB Mounted Jam Nut Receptacle | New Product Brief

April 28, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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AMPHENOL SINE SYSTEMS ecomate Aquarius™ PCB Mounted Jam Nut Receptacle

Amphenol Sine Systems’ ecomate® Aquarius PCB Mounted Jam Nut Receptacles provide sealed connectivity for heavy-duty, harsh environment applications. The connectors mount directly to a PCB or flex circuit and feature a lightweight and lower cost high-impact thermoplastic housing with a 1/3rd turn coupling mechanism for rapid and reliable mating. They provide sealing up to IP69K and have built-in standoffs that ensure a consistent height above the PCB to facilitate cleaning, with optional locking posts that provide secure mounting in the most rugged applications. They also have a lower profile than conventional jam nut receptacles. The receptacles are available in sizes 8 to 18 with up to 32 contacts and are part of the larger aquarius family of waterproof connectors for indoor and outdoor applications. The aquarius family uses the same contacts as the ecomate RM Rugged Metal Connectors, with ratings up to 13A and 500V.

  • High impact thermoplastic housing: Lightweight and lower cost
    • MIL-DTL-26482-based design: 1/3rd turn bayonet coupling for rapid, reliable mating
  • IP Rating: IP67/69K in mated condition
    • Fluid resistance: Gas, Oil, Mineral Oil, Acid Bath, Basic Bath
  • Built-in Stand-offs: consistent height off PCB for ease of cleaning
    • Optional locking posts for secure mounting for harsh environments
  • Lower profile than industry-standard Jam Nut receptacles
  • Shell Sizes: 8 to 18
    • Colored rings available for visual identification
  • Contacts: 3 to 32
    • Contact Current: 16# 13A Max; 20# 7.5A Max
    • Max Voltage (AC/DC): Up to 500V

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