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Amphenol Sine Systems HYPERBUSS™ AT Series Bussed Receptacles | New Product Brief

November 12, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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Amphenol Sine Systems HYPERBUSS™ AT Series Bussed Receptacles

Amphenol Sine Systems HYPERBUSS AT Series Bussed Receptacles are high performance and cost-effective connectors for transportation, marine, agricultural, and other applications requiring a bussed interconnect. 

The HYPERBUSS AT series is available in 2 to 12 position receptacles.  They have an integrated latch and mate with standard AT series plugs or other industry standard connectors. Contact layouts range from 1 to 4 busses and 2 to 12 pins per buss, with current ratings up to 78A per buss. 

Contacts are available with nickel or gold plating, and the connectors include a wedgelock to ensure proper contact alignment and retention. The HYPERBUSS AT series is rated for operation from -55°C to +125°C at the rated current, and it provides IP67 sealing. 

Connectors with 8 and 12 positions also offer A and B key coding to prevent cross mating in applications with multiple connectors. 

  • Available in 2, 4, 6, 8, and 12 position receptacles 
    • Integrated latch for mating 
    • Mates with standard AT Series Plugs™ 
  • Contact layouts: 1 to 4 busses with 2 to 12 pins per buss 
    • Current rating: up to 78A per buss 
    • 13A max per contact 
  • Contacts: nickel or gold plating 
    • Wedgelock ensures proper contact alignment and retention 
  • Environmental: 
    • Operating temperature: -55°C to +125°C 
    • IP rating: IP67 
  • Keying options: A and B coding on 8 and 12 position receptacles 

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