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ams AS7221 Smart Lighting Engines

ams AS7221 Network-Enabled Smart Lighting Managers combine embedded sensing, sensor hub functionality, and autonomous management to enable smart lighting that adapts to its surrounding to meet the needs of users and maximize energy efficiency. The device features a tri-stimulus chromatic “calibrated-for-life” sensor, providing direct CIE1931 XYZ and CIE1976 u’v’ coordinate mapping and provides closed-loop, autonomous adjustment of variable CCT, and spectrally tunable lights. A UART port connects to a network bridge, such as Wi-Fi or BLE, and the device supports external dimmers, occupancy sensors, and ambient light sensors. Functionality can be extended by connecting additional sensors to the I2C port, with supporting bridge commands in the smart lighting command set.

  • XYZ tri-stimulus sensor for accurate CCT/spectral control
  • Direct mapping to CIE 1931 XYZ, CIE 1976 u’v’ coordinates
  • Automatic adjustment of variable CCT, spectrally tunable lights
  • Network-enabled: Standard UART for interfacing with network bridge
  • Supports 0-10 V dimmers, occupancy sensors, ambient light sensors
  • I2C port and SLCS bridge commands for additional sensors

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