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ams OSRAM OSLON® Optimal LEDs | New Product Brief

January 12, 2023 by Mouser Electronics

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ams OSRAM OSLON® Optimal LEDs

The ams OSRAM OSLON® Optimal LEDs balance performance and cost with robustness, high reliability and excellent lifetime.

The LEDs are available in hyper red, far red, deep blue, and horti white colors and are housed in a small 3 by 3 millimeter footprint package for very compact clustering.

The LEDs have flexible and efficient designs for professional top lighting and inter-lighting designs, and vertical farming solutions.

The OSLON® Optimal LEDs feature a large spherical lens which produces a wide 120° viewing angle, providing an even distribution of light over crops without ‘hot spots’ of concentrated light.

This makes these LEDs ideal for horticulture, architectural, and phototherapy lighting applications.

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