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Analog Devices CN0531 SPI Pmod Board | New Product Brief

December 01, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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Analog Devices CN0531 SPI Pmod Board

Analog Devices’ CN0531 SPI Pmod Board is a programmable 20-bit voltage source designed for medical instrumentation, test and measurement equipment, industrial control, or high-end scientific and aerospace instrumentation.

The output range of the CN0531 is −5 V to +5 V with ±1 least significant bit integral nonlinearity, ±1 least significant bit differential nonlinearity, and exceptionally low noise and low drift across the entire output range.

Using the CN0531 Board, users can utilize the onboard precision 5V reference to connect external references. It is also possible to connect an external buffer if the onboard buffer doesn't suit the application.

The CN0531 SPI Pmod Board can also be powered internally or externally and can connect additional control signals to the digital interface to control the board quickly.

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