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Analog Devices Condition-Based Monitoring

Analog Devices’ Condition-Based Monitoring solutions include sensing, signal chain, and communications technologies that can be combined to effectively and efficiently monitor factory equipment.

Analog Devices’ vibration sensors, with high dynamic range, wide bandwidth, and low noise, can detect wear, imbalance, and other irregularities in machines. iCoupler® and isoPower® technology enable digital interface and isolation without many of the limitations of optocoupler-based solutions.

To connect everything, Analog Devices’ offers industrial ethernet solutions that provide protocol flexibility and the high reliability and determinism required for Industry 4.0 networks, while SmartMesh® wireless solutions provide low-power, scalable wireless communication designed for the harshest industrial environments.

  • CBM solutions: sensing, signal chain, and communication for Industry 4.0
  • ADXL100x vibration sensors: High dynamic range, wide bandwidth, low noise
  • Detect wear, imbalance, misalignment, and other irregularities
  • fido5100: real-time ethernet switch with support for all industrial protocols
  • Supported protocols: PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus/TCP, POWERLINK, and SERCOS III
  • SmartMesh: low power, reliability, resilience, and scalability

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