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Analog Devices Fault-Protected Switches & Multiplexers

Analog Devices fault-protected switches and multiplexers use a novel switch architecture and high voltage process to integrate robust fault protection without sacrificing the performance required for precision signal chains. The ADG5200F and ADG5400F series provide ±55V overvoltage protection and 5.5kV HBM ESD protection, reducing the number of discrete protection components and simplifying layout.

The ICs also provide fault detection and a digital output indicator for fault conditions, eliminating complex software fault detection routines. Analog Devices’ fault protected switches and multiplexers also have low, flat RON for use in low-impedance systems, and low leakage current for use in high-impedance systems, even under fault conditions.

  • Based on novel architecture and proprietary high-voltage process
  • ±55V overvoltage protection
  • 5.5kV HBM ESD protection
  • Intelligent fault flags for system fault diagnostics
  • Industry-leading RON flatness for precision measurements
  • Industry-leading fault leakage current

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