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fido1100 Real-Time Communications Controllers

Analog Devices’ fido1100 real-time communications controllers have a unique “RTOS kernel on a chip” architecture and programmable I/O peripherals that provide the deterministic performance and protocol flexibility to meet the demands of embedded industrial applications. The controller uses a CPU32+-compatible instruction set and offers five hardware contexts, each with its own register set and interrupt vector table, and context switching takes just one cycle. The fido1100 also integrates an MPU, SDRAM controller, and high-speed memories. The controller offers four Universal I/O Controllers and an 8- or 16-bit external bus interface with programmable chip selects. The fido1100 operates from a 3.3V supply with 5 V tolerant IOs, and it has an industrial-grade temperature rating.

  • CPU: 32-bit CISC architecture optimized for real-time
  • Instruction set: CPU32+ (Motorola® 68000) compatible
  • Hardware Contexts: 5, each with its own register set and IVT
  • Single clock cycle context switching
  • Memory: 24 KB SRAM, 32 KB RREM, MPU, SDRAM controller
  • I/O: External Bus Interface, 4x UICs, 10-bit, 8-ch ADC

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